The future of distributed ledger technology is clear

Distributed Ledger Foundation

Incubated through the Open Identity Exchange, the Distributed Ledger Foundation (DLF) is a technology agnostic, non-profit organization composed of business, academic, and legal thought leaders. The foundation is dedicated to establishing the highest standards of trust and governance for distributed ledger technology (DLT). The DLF and its members work together to jointly fund and participate in research and education programs and project initiatives.

Our vision

The Distributed Ledger Foundation (DLF) will be singularly focused on being a transparent, globally representative body dedicated to fostering trust in an increasingly fragmented and untrustworthy industry.
The vision of the DLF is to be the trusted, global leader for the promotion of transparency around the control of decentralized networks.

Our mission


Be the global center of excellence on the application of distributed ledger technology (DLT). It achieves this by upholding the highest standards of integrity, trust, and governance of this transformative technology through education, research, policy advocacy, and legal expertise.


Support legislation that strengthens accountability and governance of applications of DLT, and provide proactive, public assessment of any pending legislation which may impact.

Industry Leadership

Provide thought-leadership, education, and support in the development of best practices and standards for ensuring the speed, security, and fairness of applications of DLT, as well as establishing the trust frameworks that will be critical to their success.

Member Advocacy

Advocate for the implementation of member intiatives.



The Distributed Ledger Foundation

Don Thibeau

A technology- agnostic, non-profit global organization dedicated to developing standards of integrity, trust, and governance in distributed ledger technology.

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The Distributed Ledger Foundation Launch Slides

Don Thibeau, Helen Disney

The slides from the launch announcement of the Distributed Ledger Foundation.

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Press Releases

The Distributed Ledger Foundation Launches to Improve Governance of Decentralized Networks

The DLF team

The DLF aims to be a global resource for its members and policymakers, and to provide awareness, information and education on business, legal, and technology issues surrounding decentralized networks.

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Join the DLF

Membership classifications provide participation and/or leadership benefits commensurate with your organization’s role in the community and financial commitment. Annual membership fees in USD are shown in the table below:

Commercial > 50 employees
Executive Member: $50,000
General Member: $10,000
Commercial < 50 employees
Executive Member: $50,000
General Member: $10,000
Executive Member: $50,000
General Member: $5,000
Academic / Non-Profit
Executive Member: $50,000
General Member: $2,000
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